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Dan 4,703

Resource wars Q&A

1. How many resources can a country with 1, 2 or 3 original regions have?
A country with a single region can get up to 4 resources in its original region.
A country with 2 original regions can get up to 8 resources (4 in each region).
A country with 3 or more regions can get up to 10 resources, but not more than 4 in each region.

2. What happens to the current resources of the regions?
The current resources will disappear at the end of the event and the new resources will be added on the map.

3. What happens to Resource Concessions?
When the new resources are added on the Map all existing Resource Concessions will be removed.

4. Does placing a very rare resource affect the placement of a rare resource of the same industry?
No, placing a very rare resource will only prohibit the placement of a similar very rare resource within its specific radius.
A region can have both rare and very rare resources of the same industry.
Example: Rubber blocks Rubber, Grain blocks Grain etc.

5. Can a country have more resources of the same type (industry and rarity)?
Yes, but they need to be placed in different regions (i.e.: one region cannot have 2 Fish resources)

6. Does the area of the region matter for rare and very rare resources?
No, the size of the region does not matter.

7. Will we be able to upgrade aircraft weapons companies?
Yes, once the new resource distribution will be available.

8. How many relocation tokens do I need to move a company?
You need one relocation token per company quality, no matter the distance. (i.e. a Q7 company will require 7 tokens. Raw production facilities will require 1 token).

9. How does the prioritization affect the picked resource?
If 2 or more of the resources available in the resource pool are selected for a region when a token is won the region will get the resource with the highest priority.

We are now displaying the priority explicitly on the resource assignment screen.
Please review your current selection!
Example: A region has Cattle with priority 1 and Fruits with priority 2.
Case 1: If the resource pool has both Cattle and Fruits available, Cattle will be selected.
Case 2: If the resource pool only has Fruits available, Fruits will be selected.

10. Will the domination points be added live or just after the end of the round?
The domination points are added live

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Dan 4,651

Combat Orders reintroduction

Dear Citizens,

After a long hiatus, we’re happy to announce the reintroduction of Combat Orders. Military units will be able once again to devise clever strategies to hold the wall in life or death battles and soldiers will be able to profit by harvesting bounties.

Combat orders as a soldier

Combat orders are only available in Deployment Mode. Whenever combat orders are available on a battlefield, deployments will automatically collect currency based on the influence they add to the wall. If more than one combat order is available the deployment will collect the bounty from the best one available in terms of reward per influence.

The current combat orders are displayed in a new tab in the battle console including bounty, status, domination threshold and budget rating (in terms of how much influence it will cover).

The amount of bounty collected for each deploy can be seen in the deploy report. The total amount of bounty collected in a battle is also available in the Combat Orders tab.

Using Bombs, Rockets and other Special Weapons will also yield Combat Orders payments. Guerilla matches and classic fights will not qualify for combat order rewards.

Just as a reminder, Influence varies with the military rank and is subject to various modifiers such as Region Determination or Natural Enemy status.

In a battle that has x3 Determination, an Aircraft Rank of Flight Lieutenant*** (50% of Damage converts to Wall Influence) deploys 100 damage.
Total influence added to wall: 150 (100 * 0.5 * 3)

Combat Orders as a Military Unit Leader

Commanders will be able to access the Combat order section of the Military Units Hub. This section contains several filters that allow them to create Combat Orders:

Set the campaign, the side, and the division the order is active for. You can only set one Combat Order per campaign per division.
The Combat Order will be available on all the terrains of the division (or sectors in air battles) but will activate based on the domination value of their respective walls.
Considering the variation in influence between standard and specific terrains, commanders will not only need to adapt their strategies and bounties depending on what they are aiming for but also monitor permanently the evolution of the walls if they want to optimize their spending.

Price per influence:
Set how much you are willing to reward 1,000,000 influence.

Maximum domination:
Threshold for the Combat Order to become unavailable. The order will automatically become available if the domination falls under the specified value again. NOTE: this refers to the domination as seen from the perspective of the side you are supporting.

Combat Order budget:
The amount of money you allocate to fund the Combat Order. The value is automatically credited from the Military Unit’s account.
When adding funding to a Combat Order, a 10% tax will be levied in order to discourage spam or misleading Combat Orders.
Canceling a combat order will result in the unused budget to be returned to the Military Unit account but the collected tax will not be refunded. Therefore commanders should carefully plan their resource allocation to avoid burning currency on the tax.
The currency collected via this tax will be removed from the economy.

Setting a new Combat Order of 10,000 Currency will be subjected to a Tax of 1,000 Currency. The effective Combat Order budget will be 9,000 Currency and a total of 10,000 Currency will be subtracted from the Military Unit’s account.
Updating a Combat Order’s budget from 10,000 to 11,000 Currency (+1000) will be subjected to a Tax of 100 Currency. The effective Combat Order budget will be 10,900 Currency and a total of 1,000 Currency will be subtracted from the Military Unit’s account.
Canceling the Combat Order will credit back the Military Unit account with 10,900 Currency.

As always, you can offer feedback on Discord or on the eRepublik Forum.

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Dan 4,607

Hot Summer - Clarifications

Terrains & Attack strategy

Terrains attack strategy is selected by the country attacking the region (the resistance force is considered the attacker for resistance wars). Officials have access to the strategy panel from the campaign map (for both current and past campaigns).
During a round, all 4 ground divisions will fight on the same 2 terrains. The next round will be fought on the next terrains defined in the strategy.

A valid terrain strategy must include all the terrains available. Terrain strategies can be set as default (used to determine the first 2 terrains), or changed for a campaign in progress(for future rounds).

Air battlezones do not have specific terrains.

Attack strategy: Industrial, Urban, Suburbs, Airport, Wasteland, Mountain, Beach, Swamp, Hills, Jungle, Forest, Desert, Plain, Mud

Terrains used for all ground divisions:
Round 1: Industrial & Urban
Round 2: Suburbs & Airport
Round 3: Wasteland & Mountain
Round 4: Beach & Swamp
Round 5: Hills & Jungle
Round 6: Forest & Desert
Round 7: Plain & Mud
Round 8: Industrial & Urban (repeat)

Fighting in terrains

The country-specific Legend Bonus (10% per level) will not be available when fighting in terrains (military rank points gain will be impacted as well).

Only Deploy mode will be available for fighting in terrains.

Max hit mechanics for terrains will be based on the skill of the terrain and not on the total strength.

As bomb damage is not dependent on strength, they will keep their regular values regardless of the terrain type.

Citizens will not be able to fight in non-native division’s terrains if they don’t have an active Maverick Pack enhancement.
True Patriot medal progress on terrains will be based on the terrain skill.

Epic battles

The battlezone that has the highest cumulative damage (attacker and defender) for a division, will gain epic status (2 prestige points per 10 energy spent). Along with it, the other 2 battlezones of that division will also gain the epic status. This applies to Air sectors as well.

Ground Battlezones can also achieve epic status via the regular mechanics, by surpassing the epic threshold (the other 2 battlezones will also gain epic status in this case).

- Division 1 - Standard of Battle X has the highest damage of all Division 1 battlezones in progress.
All Division 1 battlezones of Battle X (Standard, Terrain A and Terrain B) become Epic.
- Division 1 - Standard of Battle Z becomes the battlezone with the highest damage. All Division 1 battlezones of Battle Z (Standard, Terrain C and Terrain D) become Epic. Division 1 of battle X loses epic status for all battle zones (Standard, Terrain A and Terrain B).

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Dan 4,602

Resistance Support and Travel Cost

Dear Citizens,

We’re making a couple of changes to eRepublik with the intent to address some mechanics which have become obsolete over time and to better emulate the real world.

Cost of Travel

Starting Day 4,605 [00:00], the cost of traveling will no longer be based on travel zones, but on the actual distance (in km) between cities.

The base travel cost will be 10 units of currency per 100 kilometers. When traveling with currency, a minimum cost of 20 currency will be deducted, even if the distance is shorter than 200km.

Travel tickets will allow distances based on their quality, each quality providing 1000km of travel range. Multiple tickets will be used if necessary.

In order for the citizens to adapt their economic strategy to this change, all ticket offers have been withdrawn from the market and the tickets have been returned to the citizens’ inventories.

Travel range of tickets:
Q1 Tickets: 1000 km
Q2 Tickets: 2000 km
Q3 Tickets: 3000 km
Q4 Tickets: 4000 km
Q5 Tickets: 5000 km

Example: Traveling from Lombardy to Kirde-Eesti: 2,001 Km
2x Q1 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q2 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q3 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q4 Travel Tickets OR
1x Q5 Travel Tickets OR
200 currency

The other mechanics related to travel will remain unchanged.

Resistance wars

Starting day 4,606 [00:00], Resistance Wars will be added to the battle queue of the region once the number of supporters is gathered, and it will start unless the region returns to the original owner.

Citizens will now be able to support a Resistance War in any region if at least 24 hours have passed since the original owner has lost control over it.

Region X of country A is under occupation by country B.
The resistance force of country A gathers the required supporters.
The resistance force will be added to the queue.

Scenario 1:
Country B has an ongoing battle with Country C in Region X.
After the battle between B and C is finished, a new battle will start opposing the resistance force and the winner of the previous battle.

Scenario 2
Country B has an ongoing battle with Country A, the original owner in Region X.
If Country B wins the battle, a new battle will start between the resistance force and Country B.
If Country A wins the battle the resistance force will disband and the resistance war will close.

The other mechanics related to Resistance Wars remain unchanged.

As usual, we'd love to hear your feedback on Discord or on the eRepublik Forum.

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Dan 4,565

Game Tokens Market Changes

Starting day 4,565 a number of changes will be applied to the Game Tokens Market.

Target market

When adding an offer on the market the seller now has the ability to choose markets where his offer will be listed.
Using the market filters the seller now has the ability to target a country or an alliance with his offer.
This enables sellers to only give access to their offers to allied citizenship players and cut supply lines to foes.
Offers previously posted have a global reach.

Seller citizenship

With the same strategy in mind, the nationality of the Citizens is now displayed next to the offers on the market.

Other changes

New limits are now in place when purchasing and using tokens:

1. Citizens can spend tokens to purchase packs from the shop with the value of up to 500 tokens per day.
2. Citizens can use currency to purchase tokens depending on their Military Rank levels. Each day a citizen can purchase tokens up to the sum of their Ground and Air Military Ranks.

Example: If a citizen has a Ground Military Rank of Titan (Rank Level 66) and an Aircraft Military Rank of Flight Lieutenant (Rank Level 26) he will be able to purchase up to 92 (66+26) tokens per day.
You can find the ranks and levels for the Military Ranks and the Aircraft Ranks on our wiki.
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Dan 4,383

12th: An Amazing Journey

As we’re completing the 12th year of eRepublik’s amazing journey together our sincere thanks goes out to all of You for making this possible.

We take huge pride in our players and volunteers, it is your passion, dedication and sometimes resilience that made eRepublik a unique gaming universe. However, we are even more proud of being able to help you forge friendships that went way past the eWorld boundaries into the real world.

This year we're changing the routine and adding a pinch of strategy: lots of gifts are spread around the world and you'll be the one to decide what you will be going for.

In order to claim the gifts, you will need to unlock the location that holds them on the special event map. Depending on the location you choose you’ll have to wait between 1 to 8 hours to complete the unlock.

After you unlock a gift, you'll need to prove yourself a worthy citizen who does a little bit more than just logging in. During the event, the energy consumed and traveled distance will be logged, and a bit of each will be deducted when claiming a gift.

You can also use your currency to speed up your unlocks or recover some lost time.

You can add up to 3 locations in the unlock queue until day 4,390 [27 Nov 2019 23:59:59].

At the beginning of the event you’ll be able to pick to unlock any location as your starting point. Once your first location is unlocked, you'll only be able to choose from the locations which are directly linked to it. Use the 6 hours remaining to the start of the event to plan your path wisely.

A gift in an unlocked location can be claimed at any time until Day 4,391 [28 nov 2019 23:59:59], provided you have the required traveled kilometers and consumed energy. Kilometers and energy are counted starting Day 4,383 [20 Nov 2019 00:00:00] until Day 4,390 [27 Nov 2019 23:59:59]

Thank you !

Some clarifications based on your questions:

A player does not need to move in the location of the gift to start the unlock or to claim the reward.

The energy consumed and distance traveled acts as an event currency and is used when claiming the gift (once the location was unlocked). IE: if a player has accumulated 1000 energy consumed and 1000 km and the claim requirement is 500 energy and 1000 km, he will be able to claim the gift and will be left with 500 energy and 0 km in his pool. If the requirement is 1500 km he will need to travel some more.

The gifts are not unique hence a player can get multiple gifts of the same type. Energy recovery is cumulative, getting 2 of them will increase your recovery rate by +10 each time.

Unlocking a location will give access to all the locations linked to it permanently. You cannot be stuck as you always have a location to unlock. Ie if someone unlocks London first, Paris and Edinburgh become available. After unlocking Edinburgh, Paris is still available as a valid pick.

You can choose any location as your first unlock but you will need to wait the required unlock time.

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Dan 4,361

Shadow Challenge

Dear Citizens,

Are you dying to have fun this Halloween?

All Hallows' Eve is right around the corner so to celebrate we have prepared a very special Weekly Spooky Challenge. No need for you to go trick or treating from door to door - you will get all sorts of treats for your efforts as you advance in the challenge.

A special new BOOster is introduced for the occasion: SHADOW FIGHTER!

When in need of extra damage while hunting that elusive medal or while conquering the last stronghold of the enemy a friendly spirit will give you a hand by doubling your damage.

The Shadow Fighter boosters are up for grabs during the special Weekly Challenge together with those delicious Pumpkins.

The booster can be activated for your current side and division in a battle and lasts until the end of the round. While active, it doubles the damage dealt when you fight or start a deployment, but not when using Bombs.

The ghost damage coming from the Shadow Fighter is not added to the citizen True Patriot progress nor their military rank.

You can have more than one booster active simultaneously in different division battles (rounds).

The fang-tastic news don’t stop here: during the Halloween weekend, squash your enemies on the Battlefield and prove you’re among the very best, because in every battle, the Top 6 Citizens from each side (ranked by damage dealt) will receive Pumpkins based on their effort.

Let’s have some skele-fun!

PS: Shadow Boosters and Pumpkins will expire after the eRepublik’s 12th birthday, on Day 4,387 at 23:59.

TL;DR: New Booster that doubles your damage. Lasts one round. No True Patriot/Rank Bonuses. Pumpkins. Rewards for Top Damage in Battles.

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Dan 4,354

Fight Deployment

Dear Citizens,

We’re updating the fight system on the web version to match the Deployment mechanic on the mobile version.

Fight Deployment

The deploy allows Citizens to choose the amount of resources (weapons and energy) they want to spend on the battlefield and just enjoy the fight without the tedious clicking.

For a limited time, the deploy feature will run in parallel with the classic fight system, so we can iron out any bugs and usability issues that might occur. You can switch between “Classic Fight” and “Deploy Mode” while on the battlefield page.

In the deployment preparation phase you need to select your weapons (1) and the energy to fight with (either by using the slider (2), typing in the energy amount or using the shortcuts Food & Max).

Starting a Deployment (3) will commit the selected resources (Food, Weapons, Energy Bars etc) and they will no longer appear in your inventory.

During the deployment, your resources will be gradually consumed to deal damage over time. As the deploy is in progress, your Citizen will fight either until the deploy is finished or the Citizen cancels the deploy (even if the Citizen leaves the battle page or closes the browser). In case the deployment has been cancelled earlier (either by the Citizen or because of an external factor, like a battle ending), any unused resources will be returned back to the storage.

You can only deploy in one battle at a given time.
While you are Deployed you can activate boosters but you cannot travel, eat, fight or use any bombs.

The duration of a Deployment depends on the total amount of energy committed.
Any energy gained from level-ups will automatically be added and consumed (before other energy items committed, such as energy bars) in the Deployment.
At the end of the Deployment, you will receive a Deployment Report and all unspent resources will be added back in your inventory.

Puzzle Captcha & Wall Influence of new accounts

As part of our efforts to ensure a fair gaming environment for all Citizens, we will also be testing a new anti-script protection together with the deploy.

New accounts will gradually be able to convert their damage into influence, as they gain military ranks (progress is available on the respective wiki pages: and

As usual, we'd love to hear your feedback on Discord or on the eRepublik Forum.

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Dan 4,329

Multiple Aircraft Rounds

Dear Citizens,

We're starting to roll out new (and old) features that have been quite requested by the community.

Multiple Aircraft Rounds

Starting Day 4,328 and until the end of Day 4,339 Aircraft Rounds will get an extra strategy layer and allow previously anonymous pilots to distinguish themselves in acts of valor.

The Aircraft Rounds beginning after day-change will be divided into 4 distinct Sectors, similar to what the Divisions are for Ground Battles. Every citizen can fight in one or more Sectors of an Aircraft Round.

You can choose at any time the Sector you are fighting in using the Sector Switcher, the same way you can Switch Divisions in Ground Battles.

Campaign Points and Sky Hero Medal Updates:

Each Sector will award 5 Campaign Points to the Winning Side. The citizens who deal the most damage in Sector Battles (for each of the involved sides) will earn the Sky Hero Medal and 8 Gold as the Reward.

Time to put those Stingers to good use.

Stay tuned for the new things we'll be releasing next week and, as always, we're keen to hear your feedback on Discord or on the eRepublik Forum.

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Dan 4,272

Game Tokens

Introducing Game Tokens
We are releasing a feature requested by many of you over the time. Citizens will now be able to safely and quickly exchange currency for packs previously only available via purchase in the Gold & Extras shop.

In order to facilitate this exchange, we are introducing eRepublik Game Tokens. Game Tokens can be obtained from the Game Token Packs available in the Gold and Extras section and carry a fixed value of 0.1 € per Token.

Game Tokens can be traded to other players for Currency using the new Game Tokens section of the Marketplace.

Game Tokens can also be exchanged for Selected Packs & Items for oneself at a later date or one can acquire them as an investment and sell them at a later date for profit.

Game Tokens cannot be used to send Packs & Items using the “Send Gift” mechanic but you can send a Game Tokens pack as gift.

There is a Global Limit of Total Game Tokens in Circulation and once this limit is reached, Game Token Packs will no longer be for sale until the Total Game Tokens go below the limit.

There are, however, several differences in the Market mechanics:

- The Seller’s identity is not disclosed
- Only the best 5 Price Points are displayed
- A citizen can only purchase from the current Top (Best) offer
- A citizen can have up to 3 active offers on the market at one time
- A citizen can have up to 10,000 Game Tokens (in his inventory and market offers combined)
- Today (Day 4,272 until 23:59) the market only allows posting and changing sell offers so that the citizens can familiarize themselves with the feature. Buying offers will be enabled at daychange ( Day 4,273 00:00)

In order to address the currency inflation, all Transactions made through the Game Tokens Marketplace will be subjected to a 5% Buyer Tax. The currency collected via this tax will be removed from the economy.

1 Game token is put on market for 100 currency.
The Buyer will pay 100 Currency (what is displayed on the Market Page)
The Seller will receive 95 currency (100 - 5% Tax)
Note: The Seller will be able to see Tax/Unit when placing an offer on the Market, as well as the Net Price.

Influence of new accounts in air rounds
Until further notice all new accounts will have their wall influence in air rounds significantly reduced. Individual damage and everything else will remain unchanged.

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